Promscale vs VictoriaMetrics: measuring resource usage in production

Benchmark setup

                                    /--> VictoriaMetrics
2000 x node_exporter <-- vmagent --|
\--> Promscale
scrape_interval: 30s
- job_name: node_exporter
{% for n in range(2000) %}
- targets: ['host-node-{{n}}:9100']
host_number: cfg_{{n}}
role: node-exporter
env: prod
{% endfor %}
synchronous_commit = off
wal_compression = on
docker run --name promscale -d --net=host timescale/promscale:0.1.3 -db-password=secret -log-level=info -db-ssl-mode=disable -async-acks=true
docker run --rm -itd --net=host --name victoria -v `pwd`/data:/data  victoriametrics/victoria-metrics:v1.49.0 -storageDataPath=/data

Benchmark results

RSS memory usage: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
CPU cores used: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
Disk IO usage: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
Disk IOPS usage: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale

Disk IO distribution for Promscale between WAL disk and data disk

Promscale disk IO usage: WAL vs data
Promscale disk IOPS usage: WAL vs data
Disk space usage (excluding WAL): VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
Promscale WAL size
  • Promscale — 46 bytes per sample (150GB / 3.2 billion samples)
  • VictoriaMetrics — 0.5 bytes per sample (1.6GB / 3.2 billion samples)


  • Promscale needs 28x more RSS memory than VictoriaMetrics.
  • Promscale needs 64x more CPU than VictoriaMetrics.
  • Promscale needs 450x more disk IO bandwidth than VictoriaMetrics.
  • Promscale needs a disk with 15000 IOPS, while VictoriaMetrics runs smoothly on a disk with 35 IOPS.
  • Promscale needs up to 92x more disk space than VictoriaMetrics (not counting WAL size).




Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics

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Aliaksandr Valialkin

Aliaksandr Valialkin

Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics

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