Promscale vs VictoriaMetrics: measuring resource usage in production

Benchmark setup

The following scheme has been constructed for the benchmark:

                                    /--> VictoriaMetrics
2000 x node_exporter <-- vmagent --|
\--> Promscale
scrape_interval: 30s
- job_name: node_exporter
{% for n in range(2000) %}
- targets: ['host-node-{{n}}:9100']
host_number: cfg_{{n}}
role: node-exporter
env: prod
{% endfor %}
synchronous_commit = off
wal_compression = on
docker run --name promscale -d --net=host timescale/promscale:0.1.3 -db-password=secret -log-level=info -db-ssl-mode=disable -async-acks=true
docker run --rm -itd --net=host --name victoria -v `pwd`/data:/data  victoriametrics/victoria-metrics:v1.49.0 -storageDataPath=/data

Benchmark results

Memory usage

RSS memory usage: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
CPU cores used: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
Disk IO usage: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
Disk IOPS usage: VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale

Disk IO distribution for Promscale between WAL disk and data disk

Promscale disk IO usage: WAL vs data
Promscale disk IOPS usage: WAL vs data
Disk space usage (excluding WAL): VictoriaMetrics vs Promscale
Promscale WAL size
  • Promscale — 46 bytes per sample (150GB / 3.2 billion samples)
  • VictoriaMetrics — 0.5 bytes per sample (1.6GB / 3.2 billion samples)


While Promscale and TimescaleDB show good performance on synthetic benchmarks such as TSBS according the these search results, they show not so good performance on production workloads as shown above:

  • Promscale needs 28x more RSS memory than VictoriaMetrics.
  • Promscale needs 64x more CPU than VictoriaMetrics.
  • Promscale needs 450x more disk IO bandwidth than VictoriaMetrics.
  • Promscale needs a disk with 15000 IOPS, while VictoriaMetrics runs smoothly on a disk with 35 IOPS.
  • Promscale needs up to 92x more disk space than VictoriaMetrics (not counting WAL size).



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Aliaksandr Valialkin

Aliaksandr Valialkin

Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics