Why irate from Prometheus doesn't capture spikes

Spikes and irate

v  20     50     100     200     201      230   
t 10 | 20 30 40 50 | 60
| <-- range=40s --> |
  • (100–50) / (30–20) = 5 rps
  • (200–100) / (40–30) = 10 rps
irate(requests_total[25m]), step=20m
irate(requests_total[25m]), step=21m
green line — rate(requests_total[25m]), step=20m
green line — rate(requests_total[25m]), step=21m

Capturing spikes

rollup_rate(requests_count), step=21m, without rollup=”max”
rollup_rate(requests_count), step=21m, with rollup=”max”





Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics

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Aliaksandr Valialkin

Aliaksandr Valialkin

Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics

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