Open-sourcing VictoriaMetrics

Aliaksandr Valialkin
3 min readMay 22, 2019


We are happy to announce that VictoriaMetrics enters open source world under Apache2 license!

What is VictoriaMetrics?

VictoriaMetrics is high-performance resource-efficient time series database with the following features:

VictoriaMetrics accepts time series data via widely used protocols:

Other protocols for data ingestion and querying may be easily added in the future thanks to the modular architecture.

Which versions were open-sourced?

The following versions were open sourced:

Why open-sourcing?

We all prefer open source software. Our customers were constantly asking us “why didn’t you open VicotiraMetrics source code yet?” and “when do you plan to open sources?”. We believe that open-sourcing will help VictoriaMetrics gaining traction, so it will become prominent player in the world of time series databases.

Increased popularity should help us increasing revenue stream from commercial offerings:

  • Paid support.
  • Managed Cloud and SaaS versions. Tired of routine operations for on-premise VictoriaMetrics — backups, replication, capacity planning, regular updates, monitoring, security, etc.? Then welcome to managed Cloud or SaaS :)

Which drawbacks does VictoriaMetrics have?

  • It doesn’t support SQL. Only PromQL.
  • It is written in boring Go, not in zero-cost-abstracted Rust or in C++, which could be learnt in 21 days.
  • It is free from magic, fancy abstractions and smart algorithms — just plain Go code.
  • It is written from scratch and isn’t based on ancient reliable piece of code.


The future development for single-node and cluster versions of VictoriaMetrics will take place in the public repository. Third-party pull requests, feature requests and bug reports are welcome.

Just go to and try it!

Read our articles in order to understand better design decisions across the code.

Update: comment the announcement on Hacker News.

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