Insert benchmarks with inch: InfluxDB vs VictoriaMetrics

Benchmark tool

  • The number of tags and the number of distinct values for each tag.
  • The number of fields for each point.
  • The number of points per batch sent to the server.


  • CPU: i7–7500U
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Disk: 512GB SSD

Benchmark results

  • VictoriaMetrics outperforms InfluxDB on 1–2M cardinalities by 4x-5x.
  • InfluxDB’s performance drops significantly on 3M and 4M cardinalities. InfluxDB used high iowait CPU share on these cardinalities.
  • InfluxDB didn’t finish 10M cardinality test, since it required more RAM than the computer had (more than 16GB).
  • Insert performance degrades for both TSDBs when cardinality increases.
  • Insert performance increased with bigger batch size. VictoriaMetrics reached 1M points per second.
  • While the gap between VictoriaMetrics and InfluxDB performance shortened to 2.5x on cardinalities 1–100K, VictoriaMetrics still outperforms InfluxDB by 7.5x on 4M cardinality.
  • InfluxDB didn’t finish 10M cardinality test because of high RAM requirements.


  • VictoriaMetrics has better insert performance than InfluxDB in all the tests. The performance gap between VictoriaMetrics and InfluxDB increases with higher cardinality.
  • VictoriaMetrics uses less RAM than InfluxDB on high cardinality time series.
  • It is easy to reproduce benchmark results— just run inch tool against docker containers with VictoriaMetrics and InfluxDB on your hardware. Post your results in comments.




Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics

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Aliaksandr Valialkin

Aliaksandr Valialkin

Founder and core developer at VictoriaMetrics

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